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Do Top Weight Loss Supplements Work? Here’s the Scoop

top weight loss supplements

Our society is obsessed with appearances, and the pressure to look a certain way is certainly nothing new. While beauty standards are constantly evolving, the desire to fit into the current mold that society deems attractive has existed for centuries—whether that means dressing a certain way, having a certain hairstyle, or even having a certain body type.

Even today, about 74% of Americans are concerned with their weight, according to a survey by the Cleveland Clinic. But the truth is, your body is not a trend, and a healthy weight looks different on every body. How much you weigh (or how much weight you want to lose or gain) should be between you and your doctor, because everyone’s goals are different. Sometimes, weight loss goals revolve around health concerns (e.g., lowering your blood pressure) while other times they might be about athletic performance. 

No matter your reason for wanting to drop some pounds, there are certain dietary supplements that, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you reach your weight loss goals. Read on to learn more about top weight loss supplements and how they can help you get where you want to go. 

The Story Behind Top Weight Loss Supplements

The first version of modern weight loss supplements appeared in the late 1800s. Referred to as fat reducers, these diet pills were based on thyroid extract that was designed to increase metabolic rate. Unfortunately, the drug had unexpected side effects and led to heart issues. Throughout the twentieth century, various drugs and supplements were introduced to the public. Many of these supplements contained artificial ingredients. While some were shown to be effective in managing weight, they also came with many adverse effects.

As the dietary supplement market grew, more research was conducted and safer options were discovered. Some supplements began using more natural ingredients, and the health supplement industry boomed. In 2020, the global dietary supplements market size was valued at $140.3 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6% from 2021 to 2028. 

With the abundance of supplements to choose from, it is important to ensure that what you are putting in your body is not only effective but also safe. The rocky history of the top weight loss supplements shows the need to research and choose supplements wisely. However, you need not worry because we are here to assure you that safe and effective ingredients do exist.

Proven Ingredients You’ll Find in Top Weight Loss Supplements 

When artificial ingredients seem questionable or are proven to be outright harmful, we can turn to Mother Nature for some comforting alternatives. Simple natural ingredients can help you reach your healthy weight goals. And this isn’t just a fantasy — there’s science to back up their efficacy. Take a look at some of the most common natural ingredients found in top weight loss supplements:

  • Arabica Green Coffee: Everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage already boasts some energizing benefits, but here are a few more: One study found that regularly consuming green or roasted coffee may help to control body weight, may reduce cardiovascular risk by reducing blood pressure, and may help control fat accumulation.
  • Bitter Orange Flower: This ingredient was shown to help with digestion and weight loss in an eight-week study that involved supplementing a high-fat diet with bitter orange. The result? The subjects demonstrated a significant decrease in body weight and cholesterol. 
  • Brindleberry: Also known as Garcinia Cambogia, brindleberry is a natural supplement for weight maintenance. Some studies demonstrated that this ingredient had positive effects on weight loss process, appetite reduction, body fat percentage, triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose levels, and more. 
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea is a well-known ingredient in many weight loss supplements as it’s known to increase energy and aid in fat loss. One clinical trial found that caffeine consumers reduced weight, fat mass, and waist circumference more than low caffeine consumers. 
  • Oarweed: Also known as brown seaweed or sargassum fusiforme, this plant is known to increase energy and help with weight loss.
  • Rockweed: Marine carotenoid fucoxanthin, or rockweed, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and free-radical-fighting antioxidants.
  • Yerba Maté: Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, yerba maté might be useful for combatting obesity. It has also been shown to improve mental focus and energy.

 When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, these natural ingredients, along with many others, can help boost your healthy weight loss efforts. And we might know the right people to help you best enjoy Mother Nature’s offerings...

OnMi Patches for Healthy Weight  

Natural ingredients sound pretty incredible, right? Well, surprise! OnMi patches contain the above ingredients and other natural goodness to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Our patches contain only science-backed, naturally derived ingredients. You can pass on the pills because OnMi patches avoid the harmful additives and the discomfort that can come along with them.

One of our top weight loss supplements, the Healthy Weight Patch helps support body composition when paired with a balanced diet and exercise. It contains brindleberry, yerba maté, bitter orange flower, and arabica green coffee. These natural ingredients help your body metabolize fat, carbs, and sugars. They also make you feel full by transporting long-chain fatty acids, and they provide natural energy to help you stay on track with your health goals.

Our Crave Less Patch provides the focus and energy you need to overcome cravings. It contains brindleberry, rockweed, oarweed, and green tea extract to help reduce your appetite. You stay satisfied and motivated to reach your goals. These patches are great for everyday wear, so you can stay on top of your cravings.

So, can top weight loss supplements help you succeed?

Everybody has their own health journey, and each body needs something a little different. Whatever your weight management goals are, dietary supplements can provide support for your personal healthy lifestyle. Some top weight loss supplements throughout history have been (artificial) lemons with questionable additives and sour side effects. However, natural ingredients are a valid alternative, proven to be both safe and effective. 

OnMi patches contain many natural ingredients to help you be your best. You can exercise, work, and rest easy knowing that the extra boost you have is all-natural and free from any harmful additives. Sign up for OnMi’s newsletter to learn more about all our naturally-based products.

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