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OnMi patches are Vitamins Re-Imagined.

Unlike pills and gummies, OnMi patches contain only naturally derived plant ingredients and vitamins- no fillers, no animal products, no junk. This effective alternative steadily releases ingredients for up to 24 hours.

Simply peel, stick, and enjoy!

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Patches vs Pills

Our Patches Work

But don’t just take our word for it.

“I was surprised at how easy and convenient OnMi patches are. I wasn’t sure if the patch would bother me, but I barely noticed it on my arm throughout the day. It really stays put!”

Verified Customer

“Been curious about hemp but wasn’t sure if it would do anything for me. I wore the hemp patch overnight and woke up feeling relaxed. Even the sleep app on my phone said my sleep quality was higher than normal! Now I gotta try the other hemp patches, too.”

Verified Customer

“Okay coffee drinkers, do NOT sleep on the Energy Patch. That thing works ALL. DAY. LONG! I still had a cup of coffee in the morning BUT didn’t need my afternoon espresso to get through the day. Will definitely be ordering more of these guys.”

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