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Questions, comments, concerns about our patches? We’re here to help.

How do vitamin patches work?

Transdermal patches contain vitamins and other nutrients that can be absorbed directly through your skin. Simply peel the adhesive backing off of your patch, stick it on a clean, dry area of skin, and wear it all day (or night) long.

Ok, but do vitamin patches actually work?

Absolutely! Vitamin patches from OnMi are formulated with science-backed ingredients that work to support your health and wellness. Visit the ingredients section on any one of our product pages, and you’ll discover scientific studies linked to each vitamin and nutrient that our patches contain.

Visit this blog post to learn more: Vitamin Patches: Do They Work?

Are vitamin patches safe?

Yes, vitamin patches are safe and effective. We do, however, recommend talking to your doctor prior to using our patches if you have certain medical conditions, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking certain medications.

Are vitamin patches better than pills?

Vitamin patches, in our opinion, are safer (and therefore, better!) than traditional vitamins in pill, tablet, gummy, or liquid form. Here’s why: These other vitamins often contain harmful fillers, added sugars, and other unnecessary ingredients that could negatively impact your health. What’s more, patches are a great way for those who can’t or prefer not to swallow pills to get their essential daily vitamins. Visit our Why Patches page to learn more.

How long can I wear my vitamin patch?

We recommend wearing our patches for up to 12 hours at a time. However, they are safe to wear for a full 24 hours! Rock them during the day or at night while you’re asleep.

When applying a new patch, be sure to stick it in a slightly different location to allow your skin to breathe and to avoid skin irritation.

How do I remove my vitamin patch?

To remove your patch, gently peel off of your skin — do not rip! If you’re having trouble removing, soak or run your patch under warm water to loosen the adhesive.

If your patch left any adhesive behind, not to worry! Any residue can be removed for most people with warm soapy water. You may also gently scrub away the remaining adhesive with a washcloth or bath loofah. If you’re still having trouble, a bit of rubbing alcohol or an alcohol wipe will remove it instantly.

Can vitamin patches be combined?

In short, yes! Most of our patches can be doubled up or combined with other patches for maximum effectiveness. Here’s the complete rundown:

  • Safe to combine with different patches: Energy, Crave Less, Relax, Relax with Hemp, Sleep, Sleep with Hemp, Hangover, Healthy Weight, Hemp 25mg
  • Safe to wear more than one of the same patch at a time: Energy, Crave Less, Relax, Relax with Hemp, Sleep, Sleep with Hemp, Healthy Weight, Hemp 25mg
  • Wear only one of these types of patches at a time: Vitamin, Hangover

Why are some patches tinted?

Some of our patches may vary in color — don’t worry, this is normal! The natural plant-based ingredients in certain patches can cause variances in shades.

The adhesive is very sticky. Is that normal?

Yes, our patches are designed to stay put. If there is any adhesive left behind after removing your patch, wipe clean using a washcloth with mild soap and water.

Are OnMi patches waterproof?

While not fully waterproof, our patches are water-resistant and will stay put in the presence of light moisture.

Where is the best place to put a vitamin patch on my body?

We recommend placing patches on a clean, dry area of skin. Take care to avoid hair as this may be uncomfortable during removal. The inner wrist, hip, and shoulder are all great places to stick your OnMi patches.

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When should I apply my patch(es)?

Different patches work best at different times. Here are our recommendations for best results:

  • Vitamin + Energy Patches: Apply once daily in the morning.
  • Hangover Patch: Apply at least one hour before drinking and apply a fresh one the morning after.
  • Crave Less + Healthy Weight Patches: Apply once daily, preferably in the morning prior to your first meal.
  • Relax + Relax with Hemp Patches: Apply daily for overall relaxation, or one hour prior to stressful events.
  • Sleep + Sleep with Hemp Patches: Apply three hours before bedtime. Remove in the morning.

How does the subscription service work?

Select the product and number of patches you'd like to receive in your subscription. Complete your purchase with CREDIT CARD ONLY. After your first subscription purchase, you will receive your patches every 30 days. Every month, we’ll remember to place and ship your order so you don’t have to! To make any changes to your subscription, please email info@onmipatch.com.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please email info@onmipatch.com. Subscriptions must be canceled 30 days in advance of your recurring charge date. Our Team will be happy to assist you in figuring out your payment date.