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What Is The Best Time Of Day To Apply Vitamin Patches?

We are all trying to live a healthy life.  We exercise, eat right, take vitamins, and try to drink plenty of water.  But, have you ever wondered if the time of day you apply your vitamin patches is best for maximum vitamin absorption?  Well, the answer can be complicated but we are here to break things down for you.  Let's dive into the best time to use your patches. 

OnMi Vitamin Support Patch

The combination of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A and vitamin D in this patch will give your body the support it needs to be healthiest version of itself.  The B vitamins found in the OnMi Vitamin Support Patch work to increase metabolism and brain function.  Studies suggest that taking B vitamins before bed may leave you feeling alert instead of relaxed.  Some people have even reported trouble sleeping due to the increased brain function.  That is just one of the specific reasons the OnMi Vitamin Support Patch is best applied in the morning.    


OnMi Energy Support Patch

We all need a little boost in the morning.  Sometimes coffee is just not an option.  The combination of Panax Ginseng, to fight fatigue and increase energy, Kola Nut for that natural caffeine boost, Guarana to help with memory, and vitamin B12 to support cells and help prevent anemia induced fatigue work to give you the morning boost you need to get through the day. When taken in the morning daily, the OnMi Energy Support Patch will have you feeling alert and energized to tackle anything that the day has to bring. 


OnMi Hangover Relief Patch 

For those mornings when you have had a bit too much to drink, the OnMi Hangover Relief Patch is your best friend.  The OnMi Hangover Relief Patch is best applied one hour before drinking and then again the morning after.  The OnMi Hangover Relief Patch will work to replenish the vitamins that a night of drinking diminish.  So never leave home without it.  When used as directed, this patch will help to get you through some pretty miserable hangovers. 


OnMi Crave Less Support Patch & OnMi Healthy Weight Support Patch 

The OnMi Crave Less Support Patch does just what it says, it helps you to feel full longer leaving those pesky food cravings in the dust.  The OnMi Healthy Weight Support Patch is used in conjunction with the OnMi Crave Less Support Patch to give your body the natural energy and antioxidants it needs for healthy weight loss. These patches are best taken in the morning prior to your first meal.  So, let the OnMi Crave Less Support Patch and the OnMi Healthy Weight Support Patch be the tools you need to keep your nutritional goals on track.


OnMi Relax Support Patch & OnMi Relax Support Patch With Hemp

 These patches are great for those stressful day to day situations.  The OnMi Relax Support Patch soothes stress and anxiety while the OnMi Relax Support Patch with Hemp has the added benefit of CBD.  Both patches are best used if applied daily at least one hour prior to the stressful event.  So, don't let anxiety and stress rule your day any more.  Try our OnMi Relax Support Patch and our OnMi Relax Support Patch today!

OnMi Sleep Support Patch & OnMi Sleep Support With Hemp Patch

Restless nights keeping you down?  Try our OnMi Sleep Support Patch and our OnMi Sleep Support with Hemp patches.  When taken three hours before bedtime, you will experience the restful night's sleep you have been dreaming about.  Take back control of your sleep with the OnMi Sleep Support Patch and the OnMi Sleep Support Patch with Hemp.   

So there you have it, the best times to take the OnMi line of vitamin patches.  When used as directed, these patches are designed to keep your health on track.  Check us out today!

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