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What Is A Hangover?

What Is A Hangover?

We have all had them.  Those late nights that involve too much alcohol.  And the next day, well it can leave you feeling rough.  According to the dictionary, the actual definition of a hangover is “a  severe headache or other effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol”.  Unfortunately, there is no standard amount that can be consumed.  Everyone is different.  One thing is for sure though, anyone who has experienced a hangover knows that it is accompanied by a host of unpleasant symptoms that can range from nausea and vomiting to excessive thirst and fatigue.  Whatever the symptoms are, they are not fun and can ruin the better part of a day.  But do not worry, the folks at OnMi have you covered.  But first, let us dive into what contributes to those dreaded hangovers.


What Causes A Hangover?

The root cause of a hangover is drinking too much alcohol.  For some people, this may be as little as one drink.  Symptoms include excessive thirst, dizziness, and lightheadedness.  Have you ever wondered why alcohol affects the body this way?  Let’s take a deeper look at some of the reasons why people experience hangovers.

  • Alcohol triggers an inflammatory response in the body.  The immune system will trigger the body to produce symptoms such as memory loss and decreased appetite.
  • Any amount of alcohol causes the blood vessels to expand leading to headaches.
  • Alcohol may cause a person to experience restlessness.  People typically experience an increased risk of insomnia as a result of alcohol intake.
  • Alcohol irritates the lining of the stomach due to an increase in the release of stomach acid.  This increased release may lead to nausea and vomiting.
  • Alcohol causes more frequent urination.  This leads to dehydration.  Symptoms of dehydration typically show up in the form of dizziness and excessive thirst. 

What Is Congener And How Does It Affect A Hangover?

Congeners are an ingredient found in alcohol.  This ingredient gives many alcohols their flavor.  Specifically, brown liquors have a higher concentration of congeners.  Consuming congeners causes an increased risk of severe hangovers.  Keep in mind that even though brown liquors contain higher concentrations of this specific ingredient, all liquors contain congeners.  So, even if a person is consuming clear liquor such as vodka or gin, they are still at risk of a severe hangover.

Other Factors That Can Contribute To A Hangover

Hangovers do not discriminate.  Anyone who drinks alcohol can experience hangover-like symptoms.  However, there is a genetic mutation that affects the way alcohol is metabolized causing some people to become more susceptible to the dreaded hangover.  Other factors that may contribute to these symptoms are:

  • Not having enough food in your stomach.  This is important.  It is  never wise to drink on an empty stomach.
  • Not drinking enough water.  Because the body urinates more frequently causing dehydration, it is pivotal to drink water
  • Drinking darker beverages may cause a more severe hangover.  Typically these beverages contain higher levels of congeners.
  • Not getting enough sleep.  Alcohol can cause restlessness making your body more fatigued.

Hangover Preventions

Whatever the reason you get a hangover, there are steps that can be taken to help with the severity.  After all, sometimes we are just having too much fun to think about the next day.  You can worry about how you feel tomorrow, right?  

Perhaps the most effective way to prevent a hangover is by not consuming any alcohol.  What is the fun in that?  Moderate alcohol use for healthy adults limits women of all ages to one drink a day and men 65 and younger 2 drinks a day.  

Limiting alcohol consumption is always recommended.  However, when that is not an option there are other preventative measures that may be done to help a next day hangover become more bearable. 

  • Drink plenty of water.  Seriously, when you think you have had enough, drink more!
  • Eat.  Never drink on an empty stomach.
  • Try to stick to clear liquors as they are lower in congeners.
  • Take it slow and know your limitations.  Try not to have more than one drink an hour and do not feel pressured into drinking more.

What Is The OnMi Hangover Relief Patch?

There is a solution for those nights that just kind of get away from you.  The OnMi Hangover Relief Patch refuels your body by replacing the vital nutrients that it has been depleted of from excessive alcohol consumption.  Key Ingredients are:

  • Guarana for reduced fatigue, increased energy, and memory aid.
  • Vitamin B3 for mental and physical fatigue.
  • Vitamin B1 helps convert food to energy.
  • Vitamin B6 which is an antioxidant that is essential for cellular life and function.

OnMi patches are all plant based and designed to be worn for 12-24 hours.  The best part is, OnMi patches are designed for daily use.  The body can benefit from the essential vitamins found in the OnMi Hangover Relief Patch every day.  

So, have fun and leave the recovery to us.  After all, being in the moment is the best way to be.  Shop our full line of products today!

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