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What Does Wellness Mean?

If you were to ask someone (and by someone, we mean Google), “what does wellness mean?” you’re going to find a lot of different answers and definitions.

Some people will answer the question of what does wellness mean by giving you a definition: “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” Thanks, dictionary!

Others, particularly the World Health Organization, have a more specific, measurable answer: “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Interesting, more holistic, but hardly attainable. Will anyone ever be in a state of complete social well-being? Still, we’re getting warmer.

There’s also this option: “an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.” While that may not perfectly answer the question of what does wellness mean, it admits something crucial: wellness is a process. It’s something to move toward, rather than something to obtain, something to strive after, rather than to grasp, hold, and possess.

But raise your hand if you’re a type-A reader and all this ambiguity isn’t jiving with you. Fine, we get it. Let’s narrow it down. If we were to answer the question what does wellness mean, we’d point you to these areas of life: emotional, physical, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, intellectual and occupational. 

Did we narrow it down enough?

Wellness is about more than one thing

When we talk about what does wellness mean, the most obvious impulse is to think about diet and lifestyle. That makes sense! In fact, in a study on a “healthy lifestyle,” the researchers looked almost exclusively at the physical traits and characteristics of participants.

According to this study, less than 3% of American adults live a healthy lifestyle — with 38% percent reporting a healthy diet, 10% having a normal body fat percentage, and 46% receiving sufficient amounts of physical activity.

Judging by those statistics, we may even wonder if anyone else is asking what does wellness mean. But that study on a “healthy lifestyle” really misses the point. Because if we want to know what does wellness mean, then we have to look at more than just our physical bodies. 

The truth is all these things are intertwined. It’s hard to be emotionally intelligent when we’re physically exhausted. It’s hard to be socially aware when we’re intellectually bankrupt. So, if we want to see our entire lives holistically engaged with the idea of wellness, then we can start by addressing our mind and our body.

Thankfully, vitamin patches can help with both.

What does wellness mean for OnMi?

Like we said, we care about all-around wellness. That’s why when we asked ourselves what does wellness mean, we came up with three distinct patches that will help every aspect of your wellness plan—remember, wellness is a process, and these patches are here to help you start to move toward a more all-around healthy lifestyle.

OnMi Energy Support Patch - For the energy you need to stay mentally sharp, try a natural long-lasting boost without the crash.

With ingredients like Panax Ginseng to fight fatigue and increase stamina, as well as Kola Nut (not associated with tree nut allergies), a natural source of caffeine with anti-inflammatory properties, this patch will keep you up and keep you going. Then of course, it also gives you Gurana to reduce fatigue, boost energy, and aid memory, as well as Vitamin B12, which supports cells and helps prevent anemia-induced fatigue.

The OnMi Energy Patch is the perfect pick-me-up (because there is such a thing as too many cups of coffee). It works by:

  • Boosting energy with natural caffeine sources.
  • Releasing antioxidants for immunity support.
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety and irritability.
  • Providing essential vitamins that contribute to your recommended daily intake.

OnMi Sleep Support Patch - For the sleep you need to give your body the chance to recover, try a stick-on solution to help you rest easy.

These patches help you get better rest through the use of ingredients like Chamomile, which helps promote sleep and relieve stress and anxiety, as well as Valerian, which helps with stress, anxiety, and getting a good night’s rest.

They also include lavender, which promotes calmness, sleep, and wellness and passionflower to help with anxiety and sleep. So, if you have trouble drifting off to dreamland, The OnMi Sleep Patch makes it easier to catch those zzz’s by:

  • Helping you fall asleep faster and easier.
  • Reducing the discomfort of insomnia.
  • Not causing dependence or addiction.
  • Enhancing the quality of sleep.
  • Even reducing jet lag symptoms.

OnMi Multivitamin Support Patch - For that all-around approach try a daily dose of all-around wellness.

This patch is packed full with the vitamins you need. They include Vitamin B1 to help speed the generation of energy, Vitamin B6, which is a potent antioxidant essential for cellular function. Also, these patches provide you with Vitamin A, which is important for vision and crucial for immune response, and Vitamin D to regulate calcium and phosphate for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

"Taking your vitamins” just got a whole lot easier. With our multivitamin patch, you can:

  • Get your daily dose of essential vitamins.
  • Protect your cells from damaging free radicals.
  • Easily take your vitamins with you on-the-go.
  • Support your nutritional needs if you can’t or prefer not to swallow pills.

So, what does wellness mean for you? We want to help you move toward a process that promotes an all-around healthier lifestyle. And if you want to have energy during the day, get good sleep at night, and feel better all around, then OnMi vitamin patches may be exactly what you’re looking for.

At the end of the day, this is a question you have to answer for yourself. But if you need help, OnMi is here to make your wellness goals a reality.

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