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What Do Weight Loss Patches Do? Explore the Science Behind the Best Weight Loss Patches

The weight loss market is worth tens of billions of dollars in the U.S. alone. With the exponentially growing popularity of social media and the constant focus on physical appearance, we're all obsessing about weight.

It can be exhausting to perpetually think about weight. And, though all bodies are different, it seems like we're all supposed to fit into one specific body type. It's important to remember that every body is different, and a healthy weight on you will look different on someone else. The only thing that matters is how you feel and whether you're giving your body the fuel it needs to keep you going.

If you want to maintain a healthy weight for your body, a hearty diet and exercise are the best ways to get you there. Avoid trendy diets - which can be ineffective, exhausting, and dangerous - and instead eat whole foods packed with vitamins and nutrients. Find a workout that excites you, whether that's running, swimming, dancing, yoga, rock climbing, or something else.


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Along with diet and exercise, you might have heard about transdermal weight loss patches used in combination with a healthy lifestyle. Wondering what weight loss patches do for you? Explore the efficacy and safety of weight loss patches and find the best weight loss patch here.

Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

If you're questioning whether weight loss patches are effective, you're not alone. With hundreds of thousands of weight loss products on the market, it's hard to know when you should believe a brand's claims.

When it comes to weight loss patches, it's important to look for ones with ingredients that are studied to be effective in weight management. There are no FDA-approved weight loss patches, but there are some botanical ingredients that have been backed by research. For example, one ingredient found in patches, Garcinia cambogia or brindleberry, was studied to positively affect the weight loss process. Similarly, this study found Citrus aurantium Linné, or bitter orange, to be a potential anti-obese agent.

Overall, weight loss patches may work for some people and not others. Like any weight management tool, patches may be effective for someone else but provide no effects for you or vice versa. Experimenting with a high-quality weight loss patch can help you discover whether patches will work for you.

Types of Weight Loss Patches You Can Find

Do Detox Patches Work for Weight Loss?

The word detox has been thrown around in conversations about health for the past decade, from detox tummy teas to cleanses, to topical products promising to detox your skin. But is it just a buzzword, or is detox really that important for weight loss?

The truth is, your body detoxifies itself. Your liver, digestive tract, skin, and more are all working 24/7 to break down and eliminate toxins from your body without the help of outside products. Because of that, any patch marketed as a "detox patch" is probably selling some half-truths. There are plenty of other healthy options, including weight loss patches, that can help you reach your goal weight, but avoid anything that claims to be a detoxifying agent, especially cleanses and diets.

Do B12 Patches Work for Weight Loss?

Vitamin B12 is an incredible agent for health benefits. Some science says vitamin B12 might be helpful for improving energy and mood, among other things. However, there is no research that backs the idea that B12 can aid in weight loss. 

While B12 vitamin patches may help other functions, particularly for people suffering from B12 deficiency, a B12 patch is not the right choice if your goal is weight loss. Use B12 patches to support cell health and prevent anemia-induced fatigue, but go with a specifically-designed weight loss patch to work towards other health goals.

Will Estrogen Patch Help with Weight Loss?

Hormone changes can bring about a slew of unpleasant side effects, from gastrointestinal issues to depression and anxiety. Weight loss is another common symptom of hormone changes, especially for people going through menopause.

Some studies have shown that the use of estrogen patches over a few months of treatment was beneficial in preventing weight gain and aiding in weight loss. That said, hormonal issues must be treated by a doctor, and estrogen patches are only available with a prescription. If you think you're suffering from hormone-related weight gain, talk to your doctor about starting treatment.

What Is the Best Weight Loss Patch?

Weight loss patches that work with the body's metabolism, energy, and feelings of fullness by introducing natural ingredients are generally the best options. Of course, in our opinion, OnMi patches are the best of the best. Made with plant-based agents for full-body support, our Healthy Weight Patch is an all-natural addition to your routine.

Each patch contains:

This blend of naturally-derived ingredients was chosen to support a healthy body composition by promoting your body's metabolism of sugars, carbs, and fats and transporting long-chain fatty acids to help you feel full. With botanical sources offering natural energy to your body, the Healthy Weight Support Patch works in combination with a healthy diet and exercise to help you reach and maintain weight goals.


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How To Use Weight Loss Patches: FAQ

Using a weight loss patch is easy, effective, and stress-free - but if you've never used one before, you might have some questions. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about using weight loss patches.

Where to Put Weight Loss Patches

Weight loss patches, like other vitamin patches, can be applied to any area of clean, dry skin. We recommend placing them on your shoulder, inner wrist, or hip for the most comfortable and effective option. Make sure you avoid hair on application, or you might have some discomfort when you try to remove the adhesive patch!

How Long to Wear Weight Loss Patches

The recommended wear for OnMi weight loss patches is 12-24 hours. You can apply it once daily in the morning, ideally before your first meal, and replace it the following morning as needed. Adding a daily weight loss patch helps it become a welcome part of your self-care routine - and regular use offers the most benefit.

What Does A Weight Loss Patch Feel Like?

You won't feel any major effects from a weight loss patch - your body will keep working as usual, with the help of plant-based ingredients to energize and keep you focused on your goals. If you're using an OnMi weight loss patch, you might feel a subtle boost of energy from the Arabica green coffee - but never any jitters or crash like you would after a cup of coffee! Otherwise, you shouldn't notice any sensations other than feeling the patch on your skin after application. If you feel any discomfort, like itchiness or irritation, remove the patch and talk to your doctor.

Are Weight Loss Patches Safe?

It's no surprise that the safest weight loss patches are made with safe ingredients - and rigorously tested for quality. At OnMi, our products were created by formulation experts and licensed pharmacists who chose each ingredient based on safety, quality, and efficacy. All patches are tested by trusted third-party laboratories, so you can always feel good about what you're putting in your body.

Bonus Question: Where Can I Buy Weight Loss Patches?

With your new knowledge about weight loss patches, you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on some. Good news - it's super easy! You can find Healthy Weight Support Patches at OnMi in packs of 4, 12, and 32 to get you set up for your weight journey. Just add them to your shopping cart and order online to start working towards your wellness goals with the help of OnMi.

Try OnMi Healthy Weight Support Patches

Ready to discover the best weight loss patches? Head over to our online shop and find a healthy weight patch to fit your needs. Remember that whatever makes you feel good is good - so spend less time worrying about what you look like and more time thanking your body for everything it does for you.


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