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Vitamin Patches vs. Pills - Who Will Be the Winner? Get The 411 On Absorbing Vitamins | OnMi

Today, we're covering everything you need to know about pills versus patches. But before we get there, let's dig into the vitamin industry as a whole. 

Discovered in the early 1900s, vitamins have since become a 20 billion dollar industry, increasing over 15% in the last six years. From tablets to pills, gummies, liquids, vitamin-infused drinks and foods, and injections, there are tons of products on the market giving consumers access to nutrients they may not get in their daily diet. 

Transdermal vitamin patches are a more recent addition to the vitamin industry, and their development indicates the growing interest in healthier, more natural alternatives. To give you insight into why vitamin patches are receiving so much attention, we'll cover how patches work, why they offer maximum efficiency, and what makes them differ from (and able to outperform) other vitamin products.


vitamin patches vs pills

How Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Skin has multiple specific functions that keep our bodies healthy. It protects us, absorbs substances, excretes and secretes, regulates body temperature, and gives us one of the most important senses - touch. Those functions mean that skin is also porous - it can be permeated or penetrated by external substances. That porosity makes it the perfect channel for vitamin absorption.

Ingesting vitamins orally is not as effective as you may think. Because the pill, tablet, or gummy has to go through your gastrointestinal system, to your liver, and finally into your bloodstream, the active ingredient is repeatedly reduced, especially in its trip through the liver. Much of the value is lost through that pathway, in a phenomenon known as the first-pass effect. 

Alternatively, a vitamin patch allows the active ingredients to be directed into the bloodstream more efficiently, giving your body better access to the benefits. Vitamin patches are adhesive patches applied to the skin that contain vitamins, nutrients, or other ingredients and employ the porosity of the skin to deliver those ingredients efficiently.


onmi multivitamin patch


OnMi patch aid multivitamins are unique in design. The four-layer technology starts with a clear liner. This sticky layer ensures the patch stays stationary on your skin for up to 12 hours, allowing the vitamins to penetrate the skin for a sustained period. Layer 2 follows as an ingredient reservoir containing the vitamins and nutrients. The release layer, layer 3, supports the extended-release technology, maintaining the right amount of distributed ingredients over time. Last, layer 4 acts as a defensive backing to prevent evaporation and protect the multivitamin patch.

How Effective Are Vitamin Patches?

The short answer is that vitamin patches are just as effective as vitamin pills. Because they offer direct delivery of the vitamins and ingredients, transdermal vitamin patches give your body the maximum benefit without losing efficiency. Not only are they effective, but vitamin patches are also a safer, healthier alternative to other options like pills or tablets.

Are Vitamin Patches Better Than Pills?

Patches are a proven alternative to other products. But how do vitamin patches work better than pills? There are three main benefits of patches over pills: simplicity, safety, and convenience.

Simplicity: Patches are an effortless way to get your daily vitamin intake

No one likes to start their day by swallowing a handful of pills or getting a shot. With other vitamin products like pills, tablets, or injections, the pain of getting the vitamins almost makes the nutritional benefits not worth it. On the other hand, patch aid vitamins are an easy and painless option. Simply peel and stick the patch onto a clean, dry area of skin, and go about your day. After the recommended wear time of 12-24 hours, gently remove the patch and place another in a slightly different location to give your body the next day's nutritional ingredients.

Convenience: Vitamin patches work when you can't use other options

People who have trouble swallowing pills or live with gastrointestinal issues or limited mobility can choose vitamin patches as a more accessible option. They're safe to use right before bed or lying down, which can be an issue when taking vitamin pills or tablets. Additionally, because of the absence of other ingredients in patches, people with sensitivities or stomach problems can still enjoy the benefits of vitamins without impacting their wellbeing.

Safety: Vitamin patches have fewer harmful ingredients than other vitamin products

One of the most significant benefits of vitamin patches is that they are a more natural option than most pills or tablets. Vitamin pills and gummies typically contain harmful fillers, oils, and sugars. They are often made with unhealthy hydrogenated oils to increase shelf life, trans fats that can affect blood sugar and cholesterol, magnesium stearate that may impact your body's ability to absorb the nutrients, and artificial sugars and colors. The ingredients that go into gummies and pills are anything but natural or healthy. But OnMi multivitamin patches eliminate that issue. Made with thoughtful ingredients, OnMi patches don't contain anything more than the simple, plant-based vitamins that you need to jumpstart your wellness.

What's the Verdict - Patches or Pills?

Offering superior natural ingredients, simplicity, and accessibility, vitamin patches are the clear choice. Whether you're tired of taking tablets or pills every morning, experiencing uncomfortable side effects from other vitamin products, or just struggling to get your daily nutrients in pill form, vitamin patches offer a better option. See for yourself and try OnMi patch aid vitamins - you'll never go back to tablets or pills.

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