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How to Avoid a Spring Break Hangover with Hangover Relief Patches

At OnMi, we offer the best hangover patches developed to contain the ingredients your body needs the most to soothe or prevent your hangover. Learn about our hand-selected anti-hangover vitamins and how packing a few hangover relief patches in your suitcase can make this year's spring break the best one yet.


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How to Prevent a Hangover at Spring Break

Spring break is the time to relax, see friends you've been missing for months, and let loose after a long winter of work. Nothing should get in your way of a good time - especially not a hangover from having too much fun the night before.

Whether you're heading to the beach or taking a staycation from home, enjoying a few drinks at night is a fun way to celebrate your time off from work. But alcohol can deplete essential vitamins in your body, affecting how you feel mentally and physically for a day or more after drinking. The good news is that adding those vitamins back into your system can help. You can reduce the symptoms associated with a hangover and start feeling better for another day of hitting the beach, hanging out with friends, or anything else on your spring break bucket list.

What's a Hangover Patch?

A hangover relief patch is a transdermal skin patch used to deliver a serving of anti-hangover vitamins. The ingredients give your body the strength it needs to keep you feeling well after a night (or day) of drinking. Hangover cure patches are a helpful tool for minimizing the feelings you get the morning after drinking, so you don't have to stay in bed all day on your vacation.

Do Hangover Patches Work?

Some people use supplements to prevent hangovers, but hangover recovery patches are a better way to handle the remnants of a fun night out. They're easy to use: just apply one at least an hour before drinking and apply a second the morning after. You can use them for 12-24 hours for the best results. And, they're safe to use every day, so you can pack them in your bag for your entire spring break trip and make sure every morning is as fun as the night before. Don't worry, hangover patches won't make your arm sore, so you can keep on dancing, even with a patch on.


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Transdermal technology is used for a variety of purposes because it offers a unique ability to deliver ingredients to your body. Since they can be worn for multiple hours and are safe to wear to sleep, hangover relief patches offer sustained delivery of each ingredient. In addition, transdermal patches can avoid the first-pass effect, meaning that ingredients have a better chance of making it to the places they need to go. That makes them the perfect tool for vacation - no one wants to think about taking vitamins when they should be thinking about what to wear and where to eat for lunch.

What Vitamins Help Hangovers?

Alcohol consumption notoriously depletes some of the vitamin levels in your body, leaving you with symptoms like fatigue, headache, nausea, and more. In particular, consuming alcohol affects your body's levels of B vitamins, so you're feeling a lack of vitamin B compex hangover. Drinking can make it more difficult for your body to absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs from your food. Combining that with the fact that you're likely getting fewer nutrients from food while you're living it up on vacation, and your body is in serious need of vitamin B. Studies have even shown that long-term alcohol use can impact levels of B1, impacting brain function.

Replacing vitamins for hangovers is vital if you want to feel your best. That's why we added B vitamins and guarana into the OnMi hangover cure patches. Vitamin B3 helps prevent the physical and mental fatigue associated with hangovers, letting you head back to the beach or on a hike. Meanwhile, guarana boosts energy and aids in memory, so you don't forget your wallet at the hotel. With the addition of anti-hangover vitamins B1 and B6 to help convert your spring break meals into energy and offer antioxidant properties, you have a complete set of vitamins to soothe any hangover.

Enjoy Spring Break without Hangovers Getting in Your Way: Try OnMi

Regardless of your spring break plans, having a hangover should not be part of them. If you're ready to have fun without having to regret it in the morning, give the OnMi hangover recovery patches a try.


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We offer the best hangover patches, made with the perfect blend of B vitamins and guarana, so you can replenish the vitamins your body needs, reduce your symptoms, and re-energize for another day of fun.

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