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OnMi’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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Take a deep breath. 2021 has been a long year, but we got through it together. Give yourself a pat on the back. Now do it again (that one’s from us). At OnMi, we’re all about personal health and wellness, which is why we’ve put together the ultimate wellness gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, or you’re just looking to treat yourself with that holiday bonus, OnMi’s got you covered. Keep scrolling to check out the best wellness gifts this holiday season.


For Rest & Relaxation

Weighted Blanket

By now, you’ve probably heard from someone you know about how sleeping with a weighted blanket “changed their life”. Listen to them. Initially recommended by occupational therapists as a treatment for behavioral disorders, weighted blankets have now become a trend for anyone who wants to relax. It’s said that the pressure from weighted blankets can increase serotonin levels, and while they’re not intended to cure any medical conditions, insomniacs and people with anxiety tout their effectiveness for achieving a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets come in various weights and styles, so definitely do some research to determine what fits best for the person who will be using it.


gravity weighted blanket

Sound Machine

While we’re on the topic of sleep, let’s also talk about sound machines. Also commonly referred to as white-noise machines, these nifty little gadgets are highly praised by many who once found themselves tossing and turning through the night. A 2021 study found that white noise significantly improved sleep quality for participants with difficulty sleeping due to high levels of environmental noise. White-noise machines use a combination of various sounds at different frequencies to create a masking effect that blocks out other, more disruptive noises. White noise sounds like a faint hissing, similar to TV or radio static. Most machines also have “pink noise” options, which typically consist of a medley of sounds such as rainfall, wind, rustling leaves, or waves on the shore. If you live in the city, a sound machine could be a nice addition to your home.

hatch restore smart sleep assistant

Our pick: Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant

Essential Oil Diffuser

Another trendy home gadget you’ve probably seen (or smelled) in your friend’s home is an essential oil diffuser. These devices break down essential oils into tiny molecules and disperse them into the air for a calming effect. You can try out different essential oils for different effects. For example, lavender for sleep or lemongrass for relaxation. Whether you’re winding down or warming up, essential oil diffusers can be used to set a tone for your day.

Our pick: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Pair any of these items with our Sleep Patch or our Relax Patch for a truly serene gift. If you’re feeling extra chill, you can also try our line of CBD Patches.

For An Active Lifestyle


Wearable technology is all the rage this holiday season. Smartwatches are a great way to track your heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled when exercising. They also provide a more portable way to access apps like music and weather when you’re on the go. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for smartwatches is that certain models can be limited in terms of compatibility. For example, we wouldn’t recommend buying an Apple Watch if you don’t already have an iPhone.

apple watch series 7

Our pick: Apple Watch Series 7

Wireless Earbuds

We’re not sure about you, but for us, music is an essential part of our workout. Perhaps this is a controversial take, but we’ve got both Taylor Swift AND Kanye West on our playlist (despite any “bad blood”). Not many things give you the energy you need for that last set like your own personal concert playing in your ears. Finding the perfect workout earbuds can be a challenge because there are so many options. We all know the big players in the wireless earbud game, but there are some additional brands you might want to check out as well.

Our pick: Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Pair either of these items with our Crave Less Patch, Healthy Weight Patch, or Multivitamin Patch to achieve a well-rounded fitness routine heading into the new year.

For Work

Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Whether you work an office job or not, odds are that you spend a good portion of your day staring at screens (wow, this is meta). Electronic screens emit blue light that, when we’re exposed to too much, can contribute to eyestrain, cataracts, macular degeneration, and even sleep issues. For this reason, many people are investing in blue-light-blocking glasses to wear while using their devices. Blue-light glasses are inexpensive and relatively effective in mitigating overexposure to blue light. Plus they’re stylish.

felix gray blue light blocking glasses

Our pick: Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Ergonomic Office Chair

You may want to sit down for this. Around 50% of office workers in the U.S. experience job-related discomfort while working. Many people don’t realize that this problem can be easily solved by upgrading to an ergonomic office chair. The best chairs provide substantial pelvic and lumbar support. Using an ergonomic chair can be beneficial not only for your health but also for workplace (or home space) productivity.

Our pick: Branch Ergonomic Chair

Pair these items with our Energy Patch for a gift that is sure to boost productivity.

For Play

Cocktail Set

Where there’s room for work, there’s room for play. When it’s time to have a good night, a cocktail set makes a splendid gift. Not only are they convenient for when you have company over that you want to impress, but cocktail sets are also a great way to discover the bartender in all of us. These are some of the sets that we think are truly raising the bar.

archer barware brass cocktail set

Our pick: Archer Barware Set

Party & Drinking Games

Once the bartender of the group has whipped everyone up some fancy beverages, head over to the table or living room area for even more fun! Drinking games with friends are always fun, during the holiday season and beyond. We all know the classics—Beer Pong, King’s Cup, Drunk Jenga—but there are some really fun board and card games out there as well.

Our pick: These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Other options: You Laugh You Drink, Wine Wars Trivia, Telestrations After Dark

Don’t forget to pair these items with our Hangover Patch for the day after!


Spread Holiday Cheer With OnMi

onmi patches full set

We hope you’re reading this holiday gift guide in time to grab some of the best wellness gifts of the season! All of these items will pair well with our transdermal patches. In fact, OnMi patches are a great addition to all Christmas gifts! Shop now and see why OnMi is the clear choice for health and wellness—in 2021 and beyond.


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