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Rockweed: The Magical Brown Algae For Your Health

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is no walk (or brisk jog) in the park. It can seem like you’re doing everything right—eating healthier, working out every day, counting calories, and cutting down on snacking. In our opinion, that last one is a big one. We’ll be the first to admit (on multiple occasions) we’ve lost track of how many Cheez-Its we’ve eaten before discovering that familiar salty cheese dust at the bottom of the box. What if we told you that there’s a natural ingredient that can actually help stop cravings and increase metabolism? Allow us to introduce you to rockweed, the magical brown algae for reducing cravings and achieving a healthy weight.

Rockweed: What is it?

Ascophyllum nodosum, more commonly known as bladderwrack or rockweed, is a species of brown algae commonly found along the North Atlantic coastline. The aquatic plant grows on hard surfaces and can be found on rocks (obviously), shells, and dock pilings. Rockweed averages 20 to 30 inches in length, but it can grow even longer in areas with less wave action, which can cause breakage.

In its natural setting, rockweed plays a number of important roles which impact a variety of marine life. The brown algae’s fronds group together to form a protective canopy for many smaller organisms as they hide from predators. It also serves as a source of food for some larger intertidal species, who feed on the fronds themselves. Additionally, Ascophyllum nodosum can provide benefits to surrounding marine life through its own reproductive process. Rockweed reproduces through an external process of releasing sex cells into the water. Organisms, such as filter feeders, can then consume these cells as a source of nutrients. 

ground rockweed

In addition to the benefits it provides in its natural ecosystem, rockweed has been used for medicinal purposes by humans for centuries. The brown algae are rich in a wide range of vitamins and minerals. You can find rockweed listed as an ingredient in many green teas, extracts, supplements, and drinks. You can also find rockweed in OnMi’s Crave Less patch. Read on to learn more about its potential uses and health benefits.

Uses and Health Benefits of Rockweed

Used as an herbal remedy in traditional medicine for centuries, rockweed is safe for consumption and can be found in a variety of commercial products. Rockweed is rich in calcium, magnesium, iodine, sodium, potassium, zinc, and Vitamins A and C. The edible brown algae are also high in fiber. The following are some of the most commonly reported health benefits of rockweed.

Strong Source of Iodine

Back in the 19th century, rockweed was one of the main sources of iodine. Iodine plays an important role in maintaining the thyroid gland, which regulates hormonal and metabolic activities. Because the body does not make iodine, it is an essential part of your diet. A deficiency of iodine can lead to hypothyroidism and goiter. Researchers have found that rockweed can have beneficial effects in treating thyroid dysfunction. 

Aid For Weight Loss

Rockweed can be found in combination with other herbs in many weight loss supplements and products. This is largely due to its purported metabolic effects, which can make it easier to lose weight. You can try rockweed for weight loss for yourself with our Crave Less transdermal vitamin patch.

Reduced Inflammation

Another popular use of rockweed is for anti-inflammatory purposes. Research has shown that rockweed may effectively reduce irritation, lower swelling, and even relieve pain. There is especially interest in using rockweed as a topical treatment for sore joints and muscles. One study found that isolates from species of brown algae, including rockweed, helped reduce arthritis pain and stiffness.

Improved Digestion


Due to it being a source of high fiber, people have been known to utilize rockweed for treating digestive issues. One particular type of fiber found in rockweed is alginic acid, a compound known to relieve constipation and promote a smooth digestive process through nutrient uptake. Rockweed tea has been used to relieve bloating, cramping, and even gastric ulcers.

There is still a need for more research on all the potential health benefits of rockweed, but there does seem to be a common consensus among health experts on its effectiveness for the aforementioned conditions.

Potential Side Effects of Using Rockweed

Although Ascophyllum nodosum is broadly recognized as safe, there are some reported potential side effects to be aware of. 

Rockweed is safe to be applied to the skin. Avoid, however, applying it to skin with open wounds and cuts. Some people may also experience skin rash after applying rockweed to the skin. If this occurs, immediately discontinue use.

Because rockweed is so rich in iodine and salt, there have been concerns about

crushed rockweed

its potential health risks when taken as a supplement. In particular, one case reported a 60-year old man experiencing hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) after taking rockweed supplements alongside lithium, a medication used to treat bipolar disorder. The man’s thyroid levels returned to normal after discontinuing use of rockweed.

Rest assured that when you use rockweed with OnMi, your chances of experiencing side effects are relatively low since we only use a small amount in our patches. Keep in mind that you are also applying the vitamins transdermally rather than ingesting them orally, which we believe is a safer (and more convenient) way to get your vitamins!

Who Should Use Rockweed and Who Shouldn’t?

Depending on who you are, rockweed may be worth trying out for its health benefits. As always, you should consult your doctor if you have any questions or reservations about adding a particular vitamin or supplement to your routine. There are some cases in which we would recommend exercising more caution when considering using rockweed.

If you suffer from a thyroid disorder or have a history of thyroid problems in general, you might want to avoid using rockweed, since it is known to increase thyroid activity. Along with people with thyroid disorders, we recommend avoiding taking significant amounts of rockweed if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. While there have been no reports of serious side effects, more research is needed to determine if rockweed is suitable for use by women who are nursing or pregnant. Additionally, use caution if you are currently taking anything—such as blood thinners, antiarrhythmic medications, and thyroid medications—that may interfere with rockweed.

Try Rockweed with OnMi

Rockweed is an excellent natural solution for anyone looking to maintain a healthy weight or potentially even lose weight. Rockweed is one of four main ingredients in our Crave Less patch, along with brindleberry, oarweed, and green tea. Use our transdermal patch daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise and you can expect amazing results!

OnMi is proud to lead the way into the future of personal nutrition and wellness. The choice is clear! Sign up for our newsletter and join us on the journey to transform how humans live free and feel good. 

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