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How To Prevent A Hangover On Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. There's a lot to plan for, from preparing the perfect snacks and drinks to setting up the seating, so everyone has a great view of the game. But one thing you don't want to plan on having is a hangover.

For football lovers, watching the game with your favorite people, whether you're going to a friend's house or hosting at yours, is one of the best parts of the year. Getting together with a small group of close friends or spending some family time rooting for your team is the perfect way to spend the Sunday.



But when it comes to celebrating, it can be easy to overdo it on the drinks when you're having so much fun. Super Bowl Sunday is a test of how long you can party with friends without falling asleep on the couch. When you add up the time spent hanging out before and after the game, you're looking at a full day of drinking and excitement.

Heading into work (or waking up to work from home) on Monday morning doesn't have to be such a nightmare. To make this year's Super Bowl weekend all fun and no drama, we collected a few tips to help you dodge the hangover.

4 Tips on How to Prevent a Super Bowl Hangover

1. Know Your Body

It goes without saying that the number one cause of a hangover is overdrinking. Even though it seems like common sense, we can sometimes forget on days like Super Bowl Sunday.

In addition to our next few tips, consider a few things when planning out your drinking on Sunday. First, watch for the signs of a hangover brewing before you get to that point. If you start to feel nauseous or have any other symptoms of drinking too much, cut off the beers and stick to water for a few hours.

Second, know yourself well enough to know what drinks to avoid. For example, studies have found that dark-colored drinks can cause more severe hangovers for some people. Dark liquors and red wine have more congeners, the chemicals that irritate blood vessels to cause painful hangovers.

Take it slow, avoid beverages that don't settle with you, and remember that Super Bowl Sunday is a marathon, not a race.

2. Hydrate All Day

If you've ever had an alcoholic drink before, chances are you've been told to stay hydrated - and that's because it's true. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, making you lose more fluid while simultaneously inhibiting the release of vasopressin, your body's fluid-balancing hormone.



By drinking water between drinks, having a glass before bed, and overall maintaining hydration, you may be able to decrease how much time your hangover lasts or even reduce the severity of your hangover. Drinking some H20 also helps you monitor your alcohol intake - when your belly is full of water, there's less space for that next mixed drink!

3. Snack on Healthy Foods

Certain hearty, nutrient-rich foods may combat some symptoms of alcohol consumption. Protein-heavy foods and options with antioxidants are especially helpful to eat when drinking.


That said, Super Bowl Sunday snacks aren't always the healthiest. You're probably looking at cheese dips, chicken wings, sliders, and pizza, not so much carrots and celery with hummus. Regardless, it can be hard to pack in the nutrients when you're so focused on the game, spending time with friends, and enjoying tasty food and drinks. This leads us to our final - and most exciting - hangover prevention tip.

4. Use a Hangover Patch

Even on a regular day, it isn't easy to make sure your body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to work at max efficiency, but that becomes even more challenging on a day of celebration. You shouldn't have to overthink which snacks are most nutrient-rich, chug a fortified smoothie, or swallow a handful of vitamins on Game Day just to prevent your hangover.

There's another, much simpler option: a hangover prevention patch like our Hangover Relief Patch.


hangover patch


Hangovers aren't just a result of dehydration. Drinking too much causes a ton of other reactions in your body, like inflammation in your immune system, irritation of the stomach lining, low blood sugar, and more. So, drinking water alone won't solve the issue.

By adding specific vitamins back to your diet, you may be able to prevent or reduce a hangover. In particular, B complex vitamins may be most effective. One study found that people who ate foods with more B vitamins had lower-intensity hangovers. Scientists believe that because vitamin B is used to process alcohol, you end up deficient the following morning. Vitamin B deficiency has several symptoms that cross over with the symptoms of a hangover, including fatigue, stomach problems, and anxiety.

We developed a hangover defense patch that offsets the B vitamins you may lose while drinking to improve your post-drinking symptoms. 

Our Hangover Patch is formulated with:

  • 14mg of vitamin B3 to prevent fatigue
  • 13mg of vitamin B1 to aid cells in converting food to energy
  • 9mg of B6 to act as an antioxidant for cell function
  • 14mg of guarana to reduce fatigue and boost energy

We added guarana, a native Amazonian plant, to the mix for its energizing effects, including its potential benefits for memory. There's nothing worse than heading into work unable to perform at your best due to a post-drinking memory haze.

How Does the Hangover Patch Work?

To use the OnMi Hangover Relief Patch for Super Bowl Sunday hangover prevention, just apply it at least 1 hour before drinking, then apply a new patch the morning after. The patches are safe to wear for 12-14 hours, so you can keep one on for the entire Game Day and a second on all-day Monday.

Try the OnMi Hangover Relief Patch

hangover relief patch


National Super Bowl Hangover Day (AKA the Monday after the game) doesn't have to be so painful that it takes all the fun out of the night before. Restore essential vitamins and nutrients in your body with the help of our OnMi Hangover Patch so you can spend Monday morning nursing your Super Bowl loss or savoring your victory. We hope you enjoy Super Bowl 2022!

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At OnMi, your safety is important to us, so please drink responsibly. The OnMi Hangover Relief Patch does not affect alcohol blood level percentages nor mitigate sensory impairment and is not intended for minors. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after alcohol consumption.

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