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How to Cure a Hangover Using Vitamin Patches

how to cure a hangover

If you’ve found yourself here after some bleary-eyed googling of “how to cure a hangover,” desperately hoping for an instant antidote, we get it. We’ve all been there. The truth is, reading this tiny font on your phone is only going to make you feel worse, so we’ll save you the trouble. Buy an OnMi Hangover Patch here and get the post-party recovery you need—no more reading required.

But if you want to know how and why these patches actually work, well...we’ve got something for you too.

Look, we may never know exactly how we got here, but we know a hangover when it hits us. You wake up, every light is too bright, all noise is too loud, and oh dear god, the headache. The pounding, thumping, bruising beat going off in your forehead (possibly in rhythm with a certain beat at a certain club from the night before?). 

Wherever your hangover came from—and however it hits you—an antidote can’t come fast enough. But when it comes to how to cure a hangover, it seems like all we find is either a bunch of old wive’s tales (Korean pear juice, anyone?) or something so mild and slow-working (A glass of water? Really?) that by the time we start to feel better, we’re on our way back out and it’s time to do it all over again.

So, if you’re tired of knocking back a couple of Advil with a cup of coffee and want to actually know how to cure a hangover, look no further than vitamin patches. Seriously, they work.

Wait, what even is a vitamin patch?

A transdermal patch is a medicinal patch that attaches to your skin, allowing you to absorb the nutrients your body needs over time, giving you long-lasting and effective relief. 

And how exactly do they work?

Vitamin patches, or transdermal patches, are designed to release the exact ingredients and nutrients you need to sober up and feel like your old self again. And it all starts with the largest organ in your body—your skin.

OnMi patches feature four layers that work together to house vitamins and other nutrients that can be absorbed directly through your skin. The first layer is the clear liner. This is the sticky part that allows the vitamins to penetrate the skin while adhering to your body for up to 12 hours. The next layer is the ingredient reservoir, which contains vitamins and other ingredients. The third layer helps control the release of ingredients from the reservoir with 12-hour extended-release technology. The final layer is a clear, protective backing that protects the patch and prevents evaporation. 

So, what does this have to do with how to cure a hangover?

At the most basic level, a hangover is the result of drinking too much alcohol (no sh*t). The medical explanation for a hangover is that when you drink a lot of alcohol, a lot of things begin to happen, none of them good.

First, your body gets dehydrated. Drinking a lot leads to increased urination, which drains the body of its fluid faster than normal. Then, your immune system starts to inflame, and the lining on your stomach gets irritated as the alcohol increases the production of stomach acid and delays stomach emptying. Next, your blood sugar drops and your blood vessels expand, leading to—ta-da!—a headache.

OnMi vitamin patches are the answer to how to cure a hangover because they provide a solution to all of these issues. Each of our hangover relief patches includes the following ingredients.

The hangover relief patch is how to cure a hangover. By Replenishing essential vitamins, reducing symptoms associated with alcohol consumption such as headaches, nausea, and dizziness, and re-energizing you with guarana, these patches don’t just help you bounce back from a hangover—they can prevent them altogether.

How to cure a hangover with the OnMi Hangover Relief Patch

Using OnMi vitamin patches takes just 3 simple steps: peel, stick, and enjoy. When it comes to how to cure a hangover, these patches can do more than help in the aftermath of a long night of drinking. 

For best use, you should apply the Hangover Patch at least one hour before drinking and apply a fresh one the morning after. Give your future self a reason to thank you later. Put it on before you go out and party like it’s 1999—your patch will be there for you in the morning.

Also, these patches are more than just a hangover cure. Even if you find yourself as the designated driver (kudos to you for being responsible), you can wear these patches as a pick-me-up. The hangover patch formula works as an energizing, feel-good patch that’s great for all occasions. 

Is there anything else I should know about how to cure a hangover?

Look, at the end of the day, we could tell you all of the most proven ways for how to cure a hangover, or really, how to prevent and avoid one. Eat while you’re drinking. Have a glass of water or soda with every alcoholic beverage. Limit the number of drinks you have every hour. But we’re not your mother.

You deserve to have a great night out on your own terms. It’s your life. But if you don’t want to pay the price for the partying you plan to do tonight, take an OnMi Hangover Relief patch along with you for the ride. It’s easy, discreet, and proven to work.

Don’t wait until the day after to wish that you would’ve trusted us. Seriously. Patch up tonight and feel better tomorrow.

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