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Will CBD Patches for Pain Work for You? Hemp Pain Relief Patches

CBD, or cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular due to its potential physical and mental benefits. Some studies have shown possible applications of CBD for soothing physical discomfort, promoting relaxation and calm, and aiding in sleep. While scientists are still studying the compound, it has been found to be non-habit-forming, with fewer side effects than many other options.

Lots of people are turning to CBD as a natural resource for their aches and pains and daily stress. But what is the best way to use CBD for pain and do hemp patches work for everyone? Today we’ll take you through the science behind how CBD may work, why hemp or CBD pain patches are a great option, and how best to use a CBD or hemp patch for pain relief.

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Why Is CBD Used for Pain?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. It’s one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory network that spreads throughout the body of all vertebrates. The endocannabinoid system balances a number of functions, including sleep, immune response, appetite, memory, mood, pain, inflammation, and more.

Because of CBD’s effect on the endocannabinoid system, it - and other cannabinoids like CBN - have been used for a variety of potential benefits. The compound can be ingested with food, by inhalation, topically (through the skin), or as a tincture.

What Are CBD Patches and Are CBD Patches the Same as CBD Oil?

One of the ways to incorporate CBD topically is through transdermal patches. Transdermal patches work by delivering ingredients directly to the body through the skin. At OnMi, our CBD patches are designed with three-layer transdermal technology. The ingredient reservoir contains the botanicals and hemp isolate, a clear liner is used to stick and supply nutrients, and a transparent backing layer prevents evaporation and protects the patch. 

Unlike CBD oil and other methods of ingesting CBD, CBD pain relief patches offer an effective delivery system. Because CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, much of the compound is lost when taking it by mouth or with a topical cream. Instead, a CBD patch can bypass the first-pass effect that prevents the hemp from making it to where it needs to go in the body. It also offers a 12-hour extended-release of the ingredients.

Are CBD Patches Effective?

If you’ve been looking for the best medicated patches for back pain, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, or general discomfort, consider CBD patches instead. Using CBD pain relief patches lets you enjoy prolonged delivery of botanical ingredients that may offer support against your persistent discomfort. Though they might provide soothing effects for some people, it’s important to note that CBD pain patches are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always check with a doctor or medical professional before beginning any pain-relief plan, including patches, and ask about using CBD patches and other medications simultaneously.

CBD Patches for Back Pain

Sitting in an office chair all day, straining your body during manual work, or tension from underlying medical issues can cause persistent pain, but a lower back pain patch may soothe feelings of discomfort for some. There is no alternative to physical therapy or other professional treatment, but consider talking to your doctor about using back pain relief patches with CBD for your aches and pains.

CBD Patches for Muscle Pain

Muscle pain patches are becoming more and more popular. Rather than turning to aggressive prescription medications, some people living with regular muscle pain are trying a more natural plan. Along with exercise and other healthy changes, using CBD patches for nerve pain or muscle pain might work for you. Again, discuss your options with your doctor before starting any treatment to ensure it’s the best fit for your lifestyle.

CBD Patches for Menstrual Pain

Regardless of its severity, menstrual pain can impact your productivity at work, your mood, and your quality of life every month. Over-the-counter painkillers might not cut it, and it’s not always an option to take time off of work or school. When period pains knock you out, menstrual cramp patches with CBD might offer an easy, wearable solution that helps you stay feeling your best.

CBD Patches for General Discomfort

The human body is sensitive to change. Even an intense workout one day can lead to extreme muscle soreness for several days after. When you’re feeling general discomfort, you don’t always want to take painkillers or sit out from work. Instead, hemp pain patches use the power of plant-based ingredients to keep you on your feet and on your game.

Where Should I Put My CBD Pain Patch?

The best place to put a vitamin patch with CBD is on your inner wrist, hip, or shoulder. That said, CBD pain relief patches can be placed anywhere on clean, dry skin, away from hair. When using two back-to-back patches, we recommend placing the second patch in a slightly different location to avoid skin irritation. CBD pain patches from OnMi are safe to wear for 12 hours.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Patches?

You might be wondering if CBD patches can cause skin to itch or whether CBD pain patches will make you flushed. But don’t stress - you shouldn’t experience side effects when using CBD patches for pain. Though CBD patches are not FDA approved, when they are quality tested by trust third-party laboratories, you can rest assured that the ingredients you see are the ingredients you get. 

Why Use CBD Topical Patches

CBD patches aren’t just for pain. They can also act as a calm patch or wellness patch. More research is needed to understand precisely how CBD may benefit full-body health, but many people feel that it eases their everyday stress and promotes relaxation. Others notice improved sleep quality due to their reduced stress and feelings of calm. One thing to note: if you’re planning on traveling, always check local laws. In many cases, it’s illegal to travel overseas with CBD patches, so be safe and stay informed.

Why Choose OnMi’s Hemp Pain Patches

Our formula is made with 25mg of hemp-derived CBD isolate per patch. With a CBD isolate patch, there are no other cannabinoids like THC, just cannabidiol and all the potential benefits that come with it.

Like all of OnMi’s patches, our CBD wellness patches are made by a team of formulation experts and engineers and third-party tested for quality. We use only natural ingredients and plant-based botanicals along with hypoallergenic material for your comfort.

In addition to our CBD-only patch, we also offer two hemp patches designed for other uses. The Relax Relief Patch with CBD contains 20mg of hemp isolate working in combination with calming passionflower and vitamin B1, said to reduce stress-induced fatigue. Then, our Sleep Support Patch with CBD is made with 20mg of hemp-derived CBD isolate plus valerian root and lavender. Each additional ingredient is chosen for potential benefits for improved sleep quality and calmness without side effects.

At OnMi, we offer a full range of CBD patches made with all-natural ingredients to tackle a variety of needs. Perfect for soothing physical discomfort, improving your sleep, or just giving you the enhanced feelings of calm and relaxation that you need to get through the day or night.

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches Online?

Whether you recently discovered CBD or already regularly use CBD and hemp products, OnMi offers an exciting new option. With CBD patch benefits, you get direct delivery of the compound and all its potential benefits. Find them in our online store and check out our CBD pain relief patches, wellness patches, and calm patches to boost your self-care routine.


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