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Do Vitamin Patches Work? Questions and Answers About the Best Vitamin Patches

What Are Vitamin Patches?

Vitamin patches are a uniquely efficient way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need - or ones that can give you extra benefits for your mental and physical health. Instead of ingesting vitamins by mouth in pill form, with shots or injections, or through fortified drinks or foods, vitamin patches deliver the ingredients through the skin using transdermal technology.


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Do Vitamin Patches Work?

Topical vitamin patches work to deliver ingredients to the body efficiently and with sustained administration. So, how do vitamin patches work? In short, vitamin patches use the porosity of the skin. Because the skin is porous, it can absorb substances through its surface, allowing them to enter into systemic circulation throughout the body.

How Effective Are Vitamin Patches?

In terms of delivering ingredients to the body, vitamin patches are very effective. They can offer sustained ingredient delivery where other methods of ingestion cannot. In other words, when you wear a vitamin patch for the recommended 12-24 hours, your body gets to access those ingredients for a prolonged period of time, rather than just a short burst. On top of that, vitamin patches let ingredients head straight towards action, rather than losing potency through the first-pass metabolism that happens when an ingredient meets the liver. The first-pass effect often impacts a substance’s bioavailability, or ability to be absorbed for full effect.

Are Vitamin Patches Better Than Pills?

In addition to offering effective and sustained ingredient delivery, vitamin patches have a few other benefits over pills. They’re easy to apply, safe for people that have trouble swallowing pills or otherwise taking ingredients orally, and can be used at any time of the day. They’re also more agreeable for people that experience gastrointestinal issues from pills or oral administration. Last, vitamin patches are better than pills because they do not contain the same harmful additives as vitamin pills, including sugars, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives.


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Do Vitamin Patches Work for Bariatric Patients?

The efficacy of vitamin patches has not been studied in bariatric patients. Though we do not have any research proving whether vitamin patches work for bariatric patients, there are studies underway that may evaluate vitamin patches versus pills for these populations.

Are Vitamin Patches FDA Approved?

Vitamin patches themselves are not subject to FDA approval yet, but transdermal technology is recognized by the FDA as an important class of products because of its advantages over other methods of administration. Though vitamin patches are not FDA-approved, at OnMi, our patches are formulated by licensed pharmacists, formulation experts, and engineers - and third-party tested for quality.

Are Vitamin Patches Safe?

Vitamin patches are safe and effective for most people. However, it’s important to discuss using patches with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, have any medical conditions, or are on any medications. They can advise you on whether or not patches will work for you, and which patches will be the right choice.

How Do You Use Vitamin Patches?

How to apply vitamin patches: To apply a patch, simply peel off the adhesive backing, or plastic layer, and place it on an area of clean, dry skin.

Where to put vitamin patches: You can put vitamin patches anywhere on clean skin, but we recommend applying them to the hip, shoulder, or inner wrist. Take care to avoid hair so you don’t have any discomfort when you remove it!

When to apply vitamin patches: Depending on the patch you’re using, you should apply it in the morning or night. For example, an Energy Patch should be applied once daily in the morning, while a Sleep Support Patch should be applied around 3 hours before your rest time. Make sure you read up on the recommended application time for any patch you purchase online.

How long to use vitamin patches: Again, the recommended wear period for a patch will depend on its intended use. Sleep Patches should only be used for the duration of your rest and removed in the morning, while other wellness patches can be worn for 12-24 hours.

What Are the Best Vitamin Patches?

Finding the best vitamin patch for you involves considering your schedule, desired results, and preferences. You have tons of options for vitamin patches that tackle a variety of needs, from Energy Patches to Relaxation Patches, Hangover Patches, ones to support a healthy weight, and more. Think about what results you’re looking for. Are you trying to reduce cravings? Lower your daily stress so you can enjoy a better sense of calm? Get rid of a weekend hangover? Or supply your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to feel powerful every day?

Your options are endless, and you can find the best vitamin patches at OnMi. We develop each patch with all-natural botanicals, each chosen to give your body the ingredients it needs for potent energy, enhanced relaxation, or whatever it is you’re looking for.


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