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Can You Take Vitamins with Alcohol? OnMi Researched Vitamins and Alcohol Interaction to Find Out

From the earliest days of alcohol consumption in Ancient Egypt to modern-day Aperol spritz and craft beer crazes, humans have been dealing with the same problem — hangovers. Alcohol may relax you and make you feel great in the moment, but if you drink too much, you inevitably wake up the next morning (or afternoon) feeling awful. And unfortunately, the older you get, the worse alcohol tends to make you feel. 

This is why OnMi came up with a better solution in the form of an expertly crafted combination of vitamins: a Hangover Relief Patch. Just apply one an hour before you start drinking, then apply a fresh one the next morning. Easy. 

But does it actually work? Can you take vitamins with alcohol? Or is vitamins and alcohol interaction dangerous?  OnMi dove into the scientific research out there to find the truth.

Vitamins and Alcohol Interaction: An Answer

Long story short, the answer to the question of “can you take vitamins with alcohol” is:  yes, and it can even be beneficial to do so.  Many people think this is because drinking alcohol negatively affects our body’s ability to absorb vitamins, but this meta-study found that the consumption of alcohol has no effect on our ability to absorb vitamins properly.  The scientists concluded that the only culprits of a hangover are “alcohol and its metabolites”, meaning alcohol and the enzymes that break it down.

If hangovers are really just caused by alcohol and how it is metabolized, what, then, could one do to speed up the breakdown of alcohol to get it out in time to wake up with a smile on one’s face and a song in one’s heart?

B vitamins are the star of the show here. B vitamins are essential enzymes that get their rave on during the process of turning carbohydrates, such as alcohol, into energy.  Thus, taking more B vitamins can assist your body in efficiently metabolizing alcohol to afford you the utmost of comfort the morning after a big night out. B vitamins and alcohol interaction is a completely safe combination that could improve your hangover.

Why an OnMi Patch is the Best for Vitamins and Alcohol Interaction

So why not just buy B vitamins?  Because OnMi has a better product for your Sunday Scaries.  Turns out, your body may only be able to use 30% of the vitamins you buy in powder or capsule form. Everything else gets flushed down the toilet along with all the money you spent buying those vitamins. 

Traditional vitamins have yet another downside: you have to swallow them. When your stomach’s already feeling queasy, forcing yourself to swallow a couple of pills along with your morning coffee can make you feel even more nauseated. Even if you manage to keep things together, the nausea itself is far from pleasant. 

OnMi’s hangover patch solves both of those problems. It contains vitamins B1, B3, and B6, which your body desperately needs after a night on the town. Plus, we included guarana for a natural energy boost. Because it’s a patch, there’s no pill-swallowing or additional nausea with which you have to deal. Perhaps most importantly, your body is still able to absorb up to 90% of the vitamins in the patch, making one patch far more effective than capsules and powders. Turns out the answer to the question of “can you take vitamins with alcohol” was even better than you thought.

Can You Take Vitamins with Alcohol? Yes, but You Need Water too.

Even though the answer to “can you take vitamins with alcohol” is an emphatic “yes”, our patches can’t fix everything. If you apply one before you go out and a second one in the morning, you should feel better than you would otherwise, but there’s another aspect of hangovers that our patch can’t address — dehydration. 

Most people know this part, but since alcohol acts as a diuretic, drinking causes you to go to the bathroom a lot, and while alcoholic beverages are mostly water, they are not enough to replace the water you lose. Drink too much, and you’ll end up dehydrated. And if you’re already dehydrated when you start drinking, even a moderate amount of alcohol can leave you with a dry throat and a headache. 

It may be possible to mask the feeling temporarily, but when your body’s short on water, the only thing that will actually help you feel better is more water. You must rehydrate. And since we still have yet to figure out a way to magically create dehydrated water, your only option is good, old-fashioned H2O.  Even though we answered the question “can you take vitamins with alcohol”, it is still important to take care of your body in other ways.  The next time you decide to have a glass or two, make sure you drink enough water and consider the positive outcomes from vitamins and alcohol interaction.

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