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10 Natural Sleep Aids to Keep Bedtime Stress-Free

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Sleep is one of the most essential processes our body performs. As you sleep, your brain and body reconstruct themselves to enhance mental and physical performance the following day. So, sleep is your health’s best friend—and you’re probably not getting enough of it.  

A third of Americans aged 18-60 are not getting enough sleep, less than seven hours a night. Yes, you need a minimum of seven hours of sleep nightly, and the consequences of not reaching that number can be alarming.



Mild sleep deprivation can lead to a lack of alertness, impaired memory, relationship stress (Yikes!), and more. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause mood swings, depression, changes in appearance, and other severe medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Skipping sleep is no joke. So if you’re having trouble hitting the hay, we here at OnMi are excited to give you all the "au naturel" tips and tricks you need to catch some zzz’s. No dark circles this way, please!

Why Natural Sleep Aids?

Taking prescription medications of any kind can feel scary. High potency, aggressive side effects, and serious commitment can make prescription meds, especially sleep aids, uncomfortable. Here at OnMi, we strive to make sure our customers know and understand every ingredient in our products. When given the option between prescription and natural sleep aids, we encourage you to try out the clean stuff first!

Natural sleep aids are nothing fancy. Natural solutions can be nonprescription hormones, herbs, or just methods to help you sleep better. And let’s be honest, you might only have trouble sleeping a few days of the week—no need to commit to expensive and intimidating medication. Instead, check out the following remedies and see which ones fit best into your lifestyle. 

Put the Phone Down

By far the simplest natural sleep remedy out there!

You’ve heard it time and time again, but smartphone use before bed can significantly disturb your quality of sleep, even when using a blue-light filter. Just 30 minutes of smartphone use after you’ve settled in bed with lights off has been highly correlated with poor quality of sleep and daytime tiredness. The same goes for keeping your phone next to your pillow! If you have trouble sleeping without any entertainment, try reading a book with low light for 30 minutes before bed or playing relaxing music as you drift away. 

So, this may seem like a no-brainer, but ditch the smartphone and cozy up! We promise Tik-Tok can wait.



Run, Hike, Swim, Bike

Most of us know that exercise tends to wake you up. Physical activity releases powerful endorphins into the body, providing you with a boost of energy that can be incredibly beneficial in the morning or midday. So how is more energy supposed to help you sleep?

Aerobic exercise, for example, has been shown to greatly assist with sleep. Namely, it increases the amount of deep sleep you get, during which your body and brain do the most vital work. Experts are still unsure completely why aerobic exercise substantially impacts sleep, but they recommend exercising at least 1-2 hours before bedtime. A gap between your workout and bed allows you to reap the benefits of your workout without being too pumped to snooze.


Your body’s sleep hormone, melatonin works with your body’s circadian rhythm to promote tiredness. In the prehistoric period, humans were incredibly vulnerable to predators, who were more prevalent at night. Our lack of night vision (or any other protection) led to the eventual production of melatonin.

As light becomes low, melatonin is released into the bloodstream to make you tired. Similarly, in the morning, as sunbeams hit your skin and eyes, melatonin production is cut back to allow you to rise and shine! This process ensured that prehistoric humans would not make themselves more vulnerable to predators in the nighttime. 

Melatonin still works the same way! Ingesting it an hour before bed can be a great way to promote easier sleep. In recent years, melatonin supplements have increased exponentially in popularity, as many are finding them a quick solution to sleepless nights. 


CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of two active ingredients in marijuana—the other being THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Though CBD is found in marijuana, it is often derived from hemp plants, and unlike its counterpart, it cannot get you high.

So what can it do? 

CBD has been shown to be incredibly beneficial when treating anxiety or insomnia because of its stress-reducing properties, combined with its muscle-relaxing abilities. As a result, you get the ultimate calm-down supplement. 

If you’re looking for speedy, effective CBD delivery, look no further! OnMi CBD Patches do the job with 25mg of CBD isolate as the only ingredient.




The chamomile plant has been used since ancient Egypt for various cultural and medicinal reasons, from honoring Gods to treating skin ailments. 

We know that chamomile has mild sedative properties, reducing anxiety and encouraging happy, healthy sleep. Chamomile can be enjoyed via essential oils, stand-alone supplements, patches (!!), and even in beers and lotions. It’s also perfectly safe to eat if that’s what you’re into.

The most popular way to benefit from chamomile is boiling fresh or dried chamomile flowers and drinking shortly before sleep. Adding a bit of honey to your tea also encourages further release of melatonin for an all-healing, all-natural sleep aid.


This super-duper herb native to the mountains of the Mediterranean is widely recognized as a relaxation powerhouse. Not only does lavender promote calm and reduce anxiety, but studies have also shown it to increase nightly deep sleep when used as a sleep remedy. Bonus: it also strengthens your immune system!

Lavender can be steeped and consumed as tea or used alongside other essential oils in a bedtime aromatherapy routine. As smoke-blends gain popularity, many also use dried lavender, rose petals, and other herbs of choice to make soothing tobacco-free smoke blends. 


When the seven kingdoms of Westeros came together… (just kidding—little Game of Thrones reference!)

Valerian root is a very fancily named herb used in a variety of natural sleep aids. In addition, its calming properties have been known to ease stress-related anxiety. Not only can valerian improve quality and duration of sleep, it’s also been shown to reduce the amount of time needed to fall asleep. So if you’re spending hours counting sheep, you’re in luck!

Valerian can be taken through powder and liquid supplements. Or, if you have access to valerian root, it can be boiled and had as tea.




Magnesium can be found in most foods we eat, though we are quick to overlook its many advantages.

Magnesium is a mineral that helps support the health of neurotransmitters that send messages between the brain and body, especially those responsible for sleep. As a result, consuming magnesium regularly can improve sleep quality and ease falling asleep.

If you’re a big fan of dark leafy veggies, whole grains, and fish, you might already have a magnesium-rich diet! For some guidance, check out this list of magnesium-packed superfoods.


An amino acid found most commonly in proteins, tryptophan can convert itself into serotonin and melatonin when ingested. Its ability to produce melatonin means it improves sleep quality and deep sleep. Serotonin, the feel-good hormone, means tryptophan will help you feel well-rested the next day, as well as stabilize your mood and reduce anxiety. 

If you’re looking for an all-around pick-me-up, here’s a list of foods rich in tryptophan.

OnMi Patches

What features most of the above natural sleep aids and more? OnMi Sleep Patches! Say whaaat!

OnMi Sleep Patches contain chamomile, lavender, valerian, and add passionflower to create a clean patch that packs a punch.

But why patches? The skin is your largest organ, leaving great potential for absorption of supplements and vitamins. Patches are quick, painless, and non-invasive. No more swallowing giant pills or cringing at bitter syrups. 

Not only are patches effective and easy, but they also regulate the administration of supplements, minimizing the risk of side effects. OnMi also offers Relaxation Patches and CBD-supported versions of our Sleep and Relaxation patches. Bases? Covered!

So, if you’re in the market for clean, natural sleep aids, try out those mentioned above. Or, if you don’t exactly have the time to dig through medieval forests for valerian root, pop on a sleep patch.

Patches are comfortable and discreet, so you can get the rest you deserve.


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